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 Bin Facebook Ads - How to Create Free Facebook Ads

Many of us wish to make a free Ads in order to grow his personal project or even your YouTube channel. If you want to make a free facebook ads for your Facebook page, follow the explanation, but focus well so as not to fall into a very famous problem, which is account closure.

Facebook Ads Bin

In this way, you can make an advertisement on Facebook for free without paying anything using Facebook Ads Bin 2022.

Of course, there is more than one way that enables you to make an advertisement on Facebook for free, but the best way is to use the bin code.

Article contents

  1. what is the BIN code?
  2. How does the BIN code work?
  3. The importance of getting a new BIN code every day
  4. Steps to make a free Facebook sponsored advertisement

Today I brought you a way to make a free Facebook ad, but in order to do that ad correctly, you must understand some simple concepts in order to promote a Facebook ad for free, follow me...

First, what is the Bin code ?

The bin code, is a set of numbers that some credit cards start with according to a particular bank in a particular country, and it often starts with 6 numbers and then 10 other symbols (xx).

How does the Facebook Ads Bin code work?

First, we use a site to generate Free credit cards so that we can use them safely and successfully, and a Facebook-sponsored advertisement is made for free.

Steps to make a free Facebook sponsored advertisement

  • Create a new fake Facebook account.
  • Create a Facebook page from the same account.
  • Write any publication to promote, for example, you want to promote your site or service, put a link.

Credit Card Generator :

Facebook Ads Bin 25$ Latest 2022

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